3 Car Modifications That Will Make Your Car A One-Of-A-Kind

3 Car Modifications That Will Make Your Car A One-Of-A-Kind

In the past, car ownership was all about purchasing a lifestyle and a tangible product that is a mere extension of one’s own personality. This is still very much the truth today, and is made even more accessible through in-vehicle accessories, custom wheels, show-stopping decals and unique paint jobs. This display of one’s own self does not limit itself to the outer appearance of the vehicle, but its interior as well. Bespokeinterior make-overs include steering wheel covers, pedals, ornaments, and so much more. If you are looking to customise your own car but have no idea what to modify, we have gathered 3 car modifications to consider.

1. Wheel and Tires

This has been a mainstay in car modifications but there is a reason why they have not faded out in trend till now. Despite arguably making up just a small part of the bigger picture, a car’s wheels and tires can often bring about the biggest difference. Aftermarket rims and tyres are a brilliant upgrade that not only adds to the look and feel of your vehicle, but they also deliver a smoother ride and improved car performance. For instance, high-end lightweight rim will add a sleek accent to the overall look of your car, all whilst granting you performance gains from the reduced unsprung weight along with lower fuel consumption.

The cost of a wheel and tire upgrade is highly dependent on the brand, design and size of the components. It can cost you anywhere from a couple of thousands to even tens of thousands. If you are looking to change your set of tires, be sure not to cut corners and opt for a good set of high-performing tires as they influence every single aspect of your car’s performance, from accelerating to braking to cornering.

2. Quality Race Seats

You have probably never realised exactly how much of an effort you subconsciously put into keeping your body in place every single time you turn or hit the brakes. Besides adding some styling flair, racing seats are designed with side bolsters to prevent you from sliding off in high-speed corners. They also come with an integrated headrest that stops your head from lolling around, which is especially important given the risk of whiplash and concussion.

With older cars, installing an aftermarket racing seat is fairly straightforward. Start by measuring yourself, the interior, and determine whether you wish to have the seat slide or not. For modern cars, however, it is slightly more complicated. You may need to tinker with the wiring or reprogramme the ECU. You may want to contact a manufacturer or car shop in Singapore that offers products that interface directly with the electrical system. And as with any car component, the cost of a racing seat is dependent on the model and intended purposes. Its price can be from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand - bear in mind that this is not inclusive of a racing harness or harness bars.

3. Bodykit

When it comes to making a big impression, nothing does it like a bodykit. There are several ways you can customise the body of your car - you can go for an add-on lip or opt for a complete transformation with an all-out custom widebody kit. For race cars enthusiasts, replicate the same aesthetic with huge GT wings, aggressive bumpers, splitters and diffusers! If you wish to be one-of-a-kind, simply opt for a fully customised bodykit. With a body kit, the sky’s the limit.

Unfortunately, the only downside of a bodykit is the cost. Bodykits are one of the most expensive car modificationsin the market. It can be anywhere from a few hundred to upwards of tens of thousand, and that does not include a paint job to colour-match your car’s new bodykits.

It is important to note that certain car modifications are illegal in Singapore. These rules and regulations are to keep errant users in check and ultimately safeguard the safety of those who are on the road. Some modifications such as the above can be done without the Land Transport Authority (LTA) approval. Others like engine and exhaust system modifications require the approval from the LTA, whilst some like attaching air horns or nitrous injection devices are disallowed entirely. Those who are found to have illegally modified or use vehicles with unauthorised modifications can be fined up to $5,000, imprisoned for up to 3 months, or both.

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