Car Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition

Car Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition

For every driver, a trip to the mechanics is one that causes distress. Save yourself the heartache of a depleted bank account and take preventive measures with regular maintenance. To maximise the life and performance of your car, a car maintenance checklist can help ensure that all your bases are covered when it is finally time to pop the hood and kick the tires. Beyond cutting costs and securing your car’s longevity, ensuring your car’s health also improves its safety protection and driving experience.

Caring for your car may take a little bit of time and effort, but a highly functional vehicle will definitely save you on the road. Fortunately, you do not need to have to be a mechanical whizz to maintain your car. The tricky part is knowing what needs to be done and how often you should do it. To help you keep on top of your automotive maintenance, here is a list of a few items you should check and repair.

Short Term Check-Ups

Oil and Oil Filter

As with any machinery, motor oil plays a significant role in your car’s performance. It serves a whole slew of functions: it acts as a lubricant for moving parts, functions as a sealant against debris, coolant for your car’s engine, reduces wear and tear, and helps prevent engine corrosion. As such, ensuring that it is clean is part and parcel of maintaining good engine health.

Depending on the type of motor oil, you may need to change both the oil and oil filter as much as every 10,000 kilometres or 6 months. Be sure to refer to your vehicle owner’s manual and consult with a professional to be doubly sure of what is appropriate for your car.

On that note, be sure to check your oil and coolant levels while the engine is cool every month or so. Low levels of either may lead to engine problems when left unchecked.


When it comes to safety, having well-maintained tires is a must. As such, make it a habit to regularly check the condition of your tires. With a tire pressure gauge, ensure that the tires’ pound per square inch (psi) match the recommended tire pressure, which you can either find on the sticker inside the driver’s door or on the driver’s manual.

The pressure is not the only thing you will need to check, but the tread wear patterns should also be given the same amount of attention. Consistent wear around the whole tire is normal, but uneven tread could be a sign of improper inflation and wheel misalignment, among other things. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) legally requires tyres to be replaced when they reach 1.6mm. Apart from replacing, you may also rotate your tyres to extend their service life.

Long Term Check-Ups

Transmission Fluids

Transmission fluid, much like motor oil, lubricates the moving parts inside the transmission to ensure that it functions at its optimal level. If you have trouble going into gear, experience hard shifts or thumps between gears or a delay in acceleration, it is time to change the transmission fluid.

To avoid costly transmission damage or replacement, be sure to get your transmission fluid checked. Colour is a good indicator to estimate the age and condition of the transmission fluid, with black being the worst end of the spectrum. That said, its colour may not necessarily give you an accurate measure of its condition. When unsure, you may want to reach out to a professional transmission technician to check.

Coolant Fluid Exchange

The radiator in your car helps keep your engine from overheating, ensuring that it functions properly. By regularly flushing your coolant system, it will not only help to rid of contaminants inside, but it also ensures that your radiator is filled to a proper level. To check how often you will need to change your coolant, refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

Trips to the car repair shops are unavoidable, but reduce the frequency by regularly checking the state of your vehicle. If you encounter a problem that you do not know how to solve or is too big for you to handle, seeking professional help is crucial.

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