Bespoke by Zion Auto Gallery

A bespoke car is more than a motor car. It is a work of art, custom made exclusively for you. Whatever you imagine your ideal motor car to be, bring your unique vision to life matching your needs, budget and lifestyles with Zion Auto Gallery.

Our showroom manager are able to customize your new car, the way you want it - directly from the manufacturers themselves.

How Does It Work?

Once selected of a motor car from our showroom, you'll be then led personally by our showroom director, get a hands-on experience of choosing the right fit of customization for your car. From various options of functional technology, hardware, accessories, and cosmetic enhancements of your preferences.

Decide what you really want: One of the biggest advantages to special ordering a vehicle is that you'll get to equip it with the exact options and colors you desire. Some types of vehicles come with so many different options and configurations that it's impossible for a dealer to stock them all.

Ultimate Personal Experience: Offers more than a million potential combinations of leather, threads, wood and paint. That's personalization. Truly bespoke programs go beyond that, allowing our clients to dictate what they want.

Purchasing Your Perfect Car!

Place your trust on one of the best bespoke services in singapore, our well-equipped and professional team at Zion Auto Gallery is fully commited to help you make your dream car delivered and a success.


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